Polytechnician EFZ

Polytechnician EFZ

Are you interested in machine work, metalworking and mechanics? How about training to become a polytechnician?

An interesting choice for high school graduates

Shortened training as a polytechnician is possible: Way-up

As a polytechnician, you are in demand in many areas of commerce and industry. At Schindler, you manufacture individual mechanical parts for elevators and assemble them to make subassemblies. You get to know the basic principles of metal cutting (metal processing) and acquire a working knowledge of electrical engineering.

Do you enjoy working outside and are you interested in installing elevators?
How about a specialized apprenticeship as an elevator fitter at the customer's location? Everything else can be found on the teaching page for elevator fitter.

Training location

  • Headquarter in Ebikon, Lucerne 
  • Specialized apprenticeship Elevator fitter: Cantons AG, BE, BL, GE, LU, SG, VD, VS, ZH

Apprenticeship duration

The basic training lasts 4 years.

Vocational school

  • 1-2 days a week in Emmen
  • Vocational school leaving certificate (if desired)


  • You have good marks in school exams at level A/B or very good marks at level C.
  • Good marks are required in mathematics and geometry
  • Artisan skills
  • Technical understanding

Future prospects

A carefully planned course of further education at the technical school or college level will open the door to any number of exciting jobs for you.

The career video is in German.

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