Short, basic professional training

Short, basic professional training

Are you thinking about going to college or university? Do you want to climb way up the career ladder? Will practical experience help you achieve this? Way-up offers you an attractive route into the fascinating world of technology and assures you exciting career prospects.

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Having passed your qualification for higher studies (Matura), you are on the fast track with Way-up. When you complete this practical training, you receive a Swiss Federal Certificate «EFZ». This combination of the Matura and the practical experience you gain from Way-up makes it easier for you to get into college or university.

Apprenticeship duration

Depending on profession, Way-up apprenticeship with Schindler Vocational Training lasts 2-3 years. Our 3-year model includes the option of part-time study at a technical college during the last year of apprenticeship and also offers additional practical experience without loosing one year. 

Vocational school / study days

Classes in technical careers at the vocational school are completed within the first two training years and are attended two days per week. In the three-year model, in-service studies are started in the third year of study. Two days per week are allotted to studies.

In the business track, classes at the vocational school are completed in the second year and attended from one-half to one and a half days per week depending on the student's major and previous education.


  • Completed qualification for higher studies (Matura)

Future prospects

Completing this apprenticeship paves the way for further studies and opens various doors for you to shape your future career. The knowledge you have already acquired and the practical experience gained through the Way-up apprenticeship make you very sought-after on the labor market. 

Why you should sign up for Way-up...

  • You can obtain an «EFZ» certificate.
  • You will gain valuable practical experience that will make it easier for you to be accepted onto a course at a technical college.
  • It is highly likely that you will be offered part-time work during your studies.
  • If your studies are interrupted, with the EFZ (Swiss certificate of competence) you have good opportunities for a job.