PiBS informatics

Practice-integrated Bachelor's program in informatics
Multifaceted and diversified

Are you hoping to move directly into your career after completing your qualification for higher studies without giving up the possibility of earning an university degree? In cooperation with the Swiss Distance University of the Applied Sciences, we offer you an attractive career path in the digital world with exciting prospects for the future.

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The practice-integrated Bachelor's program (PiBS) enables you to receive the federally recognized title of Bachelor of Science and at the same time garner valuable practical experience. Instead of simply learning model informatics from a textbook, you will make connections to and apply what you're learning directly in practical applications. At the same time, you will hone decisive skills such as team work, communication and creativity that you can apply in your career in IT. 

Length of training

The practice-integrated Bachelor's program lasts 4 years. 

Practical days / Classroom days

You will garner up to 20 hours of valuable, on-the-job work experience per week. At Schindler Digital Business, you will be an important part of a team and take on responsibility in projects and in daily business.

The remaining two to three days per week will be devoted to your informatics studies. You will attend one day of on-site instruction at the Bern campus of FFHS and spend the remainder of your time in independent study using an interactive online learning platform.  


  • Completed qualification for higher studies (Matura)
  • Interest in information and communications technologies
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Commitment

Future prospects

Once you finish your degree, various doors will be open to you. You will have the opportunity to become certified in a subject area or complete a Master's degree at FFHS. In addition, the knowledge you have already acquired and your practical work experience will make you a sought-after professional on the job market. 

Why you should decide on PiBS...

  • You want to get a university education and be financially independent.
  • You will obtain the internationally recognized title of Bachelor of Science.
  • You can design a multifaceted and diverse Bachelor's program.
  • The combination of theory and practical experience will make you a sought-after professional on the job market.