Commercial clerk EFZ

Commercial clerk EFZ

Are you interested in economic relationships and do you like to organize? How about training to become a commercial clerk?

An interesting choice for high school graduates

Shortened training as a commercial clerk is possible: Way-up

In the machinery, electrical and metal industry, you work as a commercial clerk in activities such as administration, product trading, haulage, HR, finance and accounting. Typical activities include organizing, handling correspondence, invoicing, making phone calls and consulting. The tasks are highly diverse depending on the posting.

Training location

Cantons AG, BE, BL, GE, LU, SG, VD, VS, ZH

Apprenticeship duration

  • The professional basic training takes 3 years.
  • The basic education with KV Plus option takes 4 years (two inserted language semesters after the second year of education - hard-earned diplomas and professional experience abroad will boost your resume). This option is only available at our headquarter in Ebikon, Lucerne.

Vocational school

  • Profile B and E: 1-2 days a week
  • Profile M: 2 days a week (with vocational school leaving certificate)


  • Profile B: Good secondary level B or A
  • Profile E: Good to very good secondary level A
  • Profile M: Very good secondary level A (Swiss Federal Vocational Baccalaureate entrance exam possible)
  • Highly articulate both verbally and in writing
  • Joined-up thinking
  • Independence
  • Thirst for knowledge

Future prospects

  • You can work in an extremely wide range of areas.
  • You can attend a technical school or college.

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