Flexible Car Dimensions
The Schindler 6300 concept ensures more space in the car – even in small shafts. The car can be adapted to the shaft dimensions in 10 mm increments. The car width ranges from 760 mm to 1600 mm, the car depth from 900 mm to 2100 mm. This flexibility combined with optimised guiding and high quality shaft components ensures that the Schindler 6300 is the best solution for the needs of any building.
Flexible Door Dimensions
Thanks to a highly flexible door system, the position is flexible in 1 mm increments and the door width can be planned in 50 mm increments with a door height of 2000 mm or 2100 mm. Existing frames can be reused, new frames or even complete metal shaft fronts can be delivered. Recessed landing doors create more space for the car. Different door layouts such as telescopic (T2) and centred doors (C2, C4) are available. The system allows a one or two-sided entrance.
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