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Clean Drive Technology
Thanks to the regenerative PowerFactor 1 drive technology, the Schindler 3300 uses up to 30% less travel energy compared to conventional technology. Excessive energy is “clean”, allowing it to be fed back to the grid without causing equipment interference due to harmonic distortion.
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Standby mode
When not in use, the Schindler 3300 consumes up to 40% less energy for inverter, controls, lights and ventilation. Wake up is instantaneous.
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LED lighting
LED lights have an extremely long service life, up to 20 times longer than standard light bulbs, while consuming less energy. All ceilings and operating panels in the Schindler 3300 are equipped with LED lights as standard.
Energy efficient operation
Superior everyday performance should not be synonymous with higher energy consumption – and with the Schindler 3300 it is not. Thanks to its lightweight system, precision engineering and energy-saving features, the Schindler 3300 achieved an A-classification for energy efficiency according to the VDI 4707-1 standard.*
* The VDI 4707-1 standard regarding the energy efficiency of lifts is established by the Association of German Engineers (VDI). The VDI 4707-1 standard classes range from “A” to “G”, with class “A” being the most energy efficient class. The given result is based on measurements and valid for a Schindler 3300 in VDI usage category 1 with a load of 675 kg, a travel height of 17m, a speed of 1,0 m / s and with optional energy-saving features (e.g. Recuperating Frequency Converter (PF1)). The VDI classification and energy consumption of individual installations may deviate from this result, e.g. due to different or additional customer options and / or different configuration.