Usage category
Schindler 2600 is designed with the building in mind. Whether it is important to offload deliveries promptly, move heavy goods, up to 4000 kg, with ease or simply transport shoppers up to the car park level, Schindler 2600 has a fit for all.
The car’s construction is highly flexible, so that it perfectly fits the intended site for its use in various applications. The dimensions can be flexibly selected in 50 mm increments.
Heavy loads are lightened
You want to transport heavy cargo and goods? At a quick pace and over the long term? Then the Schindler 2600 is the ideal choice for you, as it is equipped with load-bearing capacity to meet a wide range of requirements.
The doors are designed with functionality in mind. They efficiently exploit the width of the shaft and can be exactly as high and as wide as the car. This produces a number of advantages. Loading and unloading the car is convenient and damage to the doors is avoided. The opening and closing speed of the doors can also be adjusted.
Shopping centers, car parks

1.30 m x 1.75 m
< 1500 kg
Warehouses, industrial buildings, factories

1.50 m x 2.70 m
< 3000 kg
Loading docks, storage facilities

2.20 m x 3.20 m
≤ 4000 kg