Modular construction
With the Schindler 2600, we rely on consistent system engineering and high standardization. For this reason, we have given this elevator a modular construction. It is based on pre-assembled components that reflect the latest technology, so that in the event of a breakdown repairs are highly efficient.
The gearless, permanent magnet drive produces a smooth, high quality ride. It perfectly balances high performance with low energy consumption. Importantly for some applications it enables a high stopping accuracy. A well-proven component for high reliability.
Robust design
With the Schindler 2600 you may select and combine materials and colors to fit your requirements. The choice of durable, yet versatile materials will contribute to a lasting operation in style. For heavy-duty usage bumper rails can be added optionally.
As an option remote monitoring can be installed to increase reliability over the long term. Control data is continuously transmitted to our headquarters and elevator is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This allows to identify and replace worn parts to keep availability high.
Heavy duty interior materials
Well-proven high-quality components