Privacy Notice

Schindler Ahead ActionBoard App

Schindler IT Services Ltd., Switzerland (“Schindler IT Services”) developed the publicly available Schindler Ahead ActionBoard app for mobile devices (the “Schindler Ahead ActionBoard App”).

The processing of personal data, if any, by Schindler IT Services and/or its affiliates (together, “Schindler”) in connection with the use of the Schindler Ahead ActionBoard App by its users takes place in Schindler’s capacity as data processor(s) only. The owner or manager of the respective building acts as data controller. Please refer to the building owner or manager and its privacy policy for information or general queries relating to data processing in connection with the Schindler Ahead ActionBoard App.

Schindler ElevateMe App

Schindler Elevator Ltd., Switzerland ("Schindler Elevator") developed the publicly available Schindler ElevateMe app for mobile devices (the "Schindler ElevateMe App"). The Schindler ElevateMe App may enable its users ("Users") to place elevator destination calls without touching elevator operating panels.

The Schindler ElevateMe App does not collect and process any personal data of its Users. Users do not have to provide any personal data (e.g. name, email address) to Schindler Elevator. User location is neither tracked nor stored and no unique identifier or suchlike is registered on their mobile devices.

myPORT Public app

Schindler Elevator Ltd., Switzerland ("Schindler Elevator") developed the publicly available myPORT Public app for mobile devices (the "myPORT Public App"). The myPORT Public App may enable its users ("Users") to place elevator destination calls without touching elevator operating panels.

The myPORT Public App does not collect and process any personal data of its Users. Users do not have to provide any personal data (e.g. name, email address) to Schindler Elevator. User location is neither tracked nor stored and no unique identifier or suchlike is registered on their mobile devices.

Privacy Policy myPORT

Thank you for downloading the myPORT app ("App") of Schindler Elevator Ltd., Switzerland ("Schindler Elevator", "we" or "us") and your interest in our products and services. Schindler Elevator is an affiliate of Schindler Holding Ltd. In this Privacy Policy, Schindler Holding and all its affiliates are collectively referred to as "Schindler".

1. Introduction

At Schindler, we strive to honor the privacy of our users, customers and suppliers, as well as their representatives, in relation to all products, services, applications and websites provided by Schindler under relevant data protection rules and regulations.

2. Functioning of the App

The App and its use by you are designed for the access to and within buildings that are equipped with the myPORT technology of Schindler. The entity that maintains a contract with Schindler for myPORT (e.g. your employer in an office building, or your landlord in a residential building) can manage your access rights to and within the building in the myPORT dashboard (e.g. what floors of the office building can you access with the elevator?, to what rooms within a floor do you have access? etc.). You can then use your mobile device and the App as a substitute for a badge when you want to use the elevator, enter a room etc. You can find further details about the Port Technology on the websites of Schindler, currently under

You can only use the App for the intended purpose if you have access to a building that is equipped with the myPORT technology. Since it is conceivable that you have access to different buildings that are equipped with myPORT (e.g. your office building and your apartment in a private residence), the App can be downloaded and installed independently of a specific building equipped with myPORT to which you have access. This independence of the App makes it possible that the different user profiles you would have for different buildings could be registered in the myPORT system simultaneously. However, as long as your access rights to and within a building are not deposited by Schindler’s myPORT contract partner in the myPORT dashboard and linked to your profile by the system, there is nothing meaningful you can do with the App. Accordingly, we advise you against downloading the App if you don’t have access to a building equipped with myPORT and we recommend that you deinstall the App from your mobile device if you have installed it nevertheless.

3. Data Processed, Controller and Processor

When you install the App you must provide an email address and your mobile phone number. With respect to this data, Schindler Elevator acts as the data controller.

With respect to all other personal data processed in connection with myPORT (registered access rights, log files of building/office access etc.), the myPORT contract partner of Schindler (your employer, your landlord etc.) is the data controller, whereas the contracting Schindler entity acts as the data processor only.

The App does not track your location, but it uses location service features to detect when you are near a PORT touchpoint (terminal, door, elevator) in order to optimize your journey within a building.

This Privacy Policy only refers to the data processing by Schinder Elevator in its capacity as a data controller. For all other data processing in connection with myPORT, please refer to the applicable privacy notice of the respective data controller (your employer, your landlord etc.).

4. How to contact us

If you have any questions or comments in connection with this Privacy Policy and the associated data processing by us, please contact us at:
Schindler Elevator Ltd.
Zugerstrasse 13
6030 Ebikon
Phone: +41 41 445 31 31

5. Purpose of Data Processing and Legal Basis

Schindler Elevator processes your personal data for the purposes of operating the App. This may include a two-factor authentication process when you install the App, with an email being sent by us to the to the email address you provided.

We process your personal data based on the legitimate interests pursued by us and the respective MyPORT contract partners of Schindler to enable our partners to use the myPORT technology in their buildings.

6. How long do we retain your Personal Data

Schindler Elevator takes every reasonable step to ensure that your personal data is only processed for the minimum period necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. We process and retain your personal data as long as required:

  • for the purposes for which we collected it;
  • for compliance with legal obligations or other purposes pursued with the processing, as well as beyond this duration in accordance with legal retention and documentation obligations.

Personal data may also be retained

  • for the period during which claims can be asserted against Schindler Elevator or
  • insofar as we are otherwise legally obliged to do so or
  • if legitimate business interests require further retention (e.g., for evidence and documentation purposes).

As soon as your personal data are no longer required for the above-mentioned purposes, they will be deleted or anonymized, to the extent possible.

7. Transfer of Personal Data to Other Parties (In-/Outside of the EEA)

We may, pursuant to valid legal process, such as a search warrant, subpoena, or court/governmental order, allow access to any information (including such categories of personal data) provided to Schindler, in order to comply with such process and to protect our rights and property. If warranted, we may also allow access to this information in special emergencies where physical safety is at risk.

Schindler Elevator moreover reserves the right to disclose any information obtained from or about you to third parties in connection with a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy or sale of all or substantially all of Schindler’ assets.

Your personal data may be transferred to other Schindler entities, as well as to any third parties to whom the relevant Schindler entity subcontracts all or part of this processing. This may for instance include hosting providers, technical support and any other relevant roles. We especially use Amazon Web Services as our subcontractor in connection with the operation of the myPORT system.

Such third parties will process such personal data only for the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy and agree to treat it in accordance with it. They may only process your personal data in the same way as Schindler Elevator is permitted to process it.

As Schindler is a global and worldwide acting group, your personal data may be transferred to countries with a different level of data protection than the country from where you have submitted the personal data. In the event of transfer of personal data to a country outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), Schindler systematically ensures the application of an adequate level of protection of such personal data by approved means (e.g. putting in place standard contractual clauses on the processing of personal data, in accordance with the EU Commission model clauses). You can request more information about such measures (including copies where relevant) by getting in touch with Schindler through the contact details above.

Except as otherwise set forth in this Privacy Policy, we do not sell, trade, license or rent or otherwise share your personal data with any third parties outside of Schindler.

8. Your Rights

Subject to applicable law, you may have some or all of the following rights in respect of your personal data. You can exercise these rights by submitting your request to

You will need to include your personal details as well as some means of verifying your identity (e.g. copy of identity card or driving license). If the request is submitted by a person other than you, without providing evidence that the request is legitimately made on your behalf, the request will be rejected.

Please note that Schindler Elevator may reject requests that are excessive or a misuse of the relevant right.

Please also note that some of these rights may be limited where Schindler Elevator has an overriding interest or legal obligation to continue to process your personal data.

You may have the right to obtain confirmation of whether Schindler Elevator processes personal data in relation to you and, if so, gain access to a copy thereof. If you require additional copies, we may need to charge a reasonable fee.
For certain kinds of data, you may also have a right to data portability.

You may have the possibility to rectify or obtain the erasure of your personal data, provided that the applicable legal requirements are met. The right to erasure is subject to various exceptions, notably as regards personal data whose processing is necessary to support litigation or for compliance with statutory retention requirements.

You may have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and we will respect this right if we are relying on our own or someone else's legitimate interests to process your personal data, except if we can demonstrate compelling legal grounds for the processing of your personal data.

In relation to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, you may have the right to object at any time thereto.

Where any processing is based on consent, you may have the right to withdraw such consent at any time (without this affecting the processing prior to the consent withdrawal).

You may have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, in particular the data protection authority that is competent for your place of residence or the lead supervisory authority for Schindler, namely:

Federal Data Protection Commissioner
Feldeggweg 1
3003 Bern

9. How we protect your Personal Data

We are committed to keeping your personal data secure and we have implemented appropriate information security policies, rules and technical measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification and unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

All of our employees, partners, consultants, workers and data processors (i.e. those who process your personal data on our behalf) are obliged to respect the confidentiality of such data.

10. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. We shall notify any such changes in according with applicable data protection legislation.