Schindler’s strong reputation is driving exciting new developments in emerging cities in central China

Schindler supplies products and technology to three projects in emerging Chinese cities, demonstrating the value of the company’s reputation as a partner of choice in Asia. 

Fast-paced industrial expansion and population growth in central China has created an urgent demand for wide-ranging urban mobility solutions. Citing Schindler’s strong reputation for innovation and value, three new partners have selected Schindler to supply products and technology for building projects in three emerging Chinese cities: Chongqing, ChangSha and Ordos City. 

Chongqing Lifan Centre in Chongqing, China
Chongqing Lifan Centre in Chongqing, China

Mobility for a new Chinese megalopolis

Chongqing is considered by many to be the most important industrial city in the southwest of China. As one of the country’s major inland ports, it is an economic center of the Yangtze River Basin. Rapid urbanization and astounding population growth – with estimates of over 30 million residents – have transformed Chonqing into China’s newest megacity. 

Opening its doors in the second half of this year, the Chongqing Lifan Centre will feature prominently in the local skyline of the city’s swiftly developing Central Business District. With towers reaching an impressive 42 stories, the residential complex will include 22 Schindler elevators, of which 12 are Schindler 7000 high-rise elevators. Schindler is the sole supplier of products and technology; all units will be manufactured in Schindler’s Suzhou factory.  

Meeting the demands of rapidly expanding second- and third-tier cities

ChangSha, the capital city of Hunan Province in south-central China, is another important interior port with a dynamic commercial and manufacturing hub. In line with other developing cities in China’s interior, ChangSha is expected to experience rapid urban growth over the next decade. 

ChangSha YunDa Central Plaza in ChanSha, China
ChangSha YunDa Central Plaza in ChanSha, China

With construction already underway, the ChangSha YunDa Central Plaza will boldly become a showpiece in the urban center. The 65-story multi-use complex, will feature 33 of the Schindler 7000 high-rise elevators to provide mobility to a W Hotel and St. Regis Hotel, a grade A office tower and a shopping mall.

It is the second largest twin hotel tower project in Central China and is expected to open in February 2015. For this partnership, the customer noted amongst others Schindler’s reputation for excellent products as a key deciding factor in awarding the contract.  

The Orient Building in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia
The Orient Building in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia

PORT expands into Inner Mongolia

Ordos City, located in Inner Mongolia, is well on its way to transforming itself from a rural landscape to a full-fledged city that could one day welcome up to a million inhabitants. The Orient Building in Ordos City, reaching heights of 160 meters, is planned for completion by late 2014; the project developers will feature Schindler products and technology throughout. 

The tower will feature 13 Schindler 7000 high-rise elevators. Notably this is the first building in Inner Mongolia to incorporate Schindler’s innovative PORT transit management technology, optimizing access, guidance, transportation and security for the building.

All of these projects represent important new relationships for Schindler – breaking new ground for the company in China, and offering local investors, developers and architects the winning combination of innovative products, strong value and outstanding local support.