Schindler further strengthens presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The award of two additional major contracts – one in commercial high-rise, the other in governmental low rise – once again confirms the company’s growing reputation.

In the high rise commercial segment, Schindler has been chosen to supply mobility solutions for the Al Rajhi Bank HQ Tower, a prestigious high rise project in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. This 42 story, 205-meter tower will be using the latest Schindler Port Technology. The installation will include 25 elevators, including 17 Schindler 7000 elevators with speeds of up to 5 meters per second.

Al Rajhi Bank HQ Tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Al Rajhi Bank HQ Tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Iconic Design meets PORT Technology
The tower is conceived as four concrete piers shielding an uninterrupted, column-free central office space within. Reminiscent of the ancient monuments of the Middle East, the monolithic concrete piers achieve a unique monumentality, and respond to the harsh desert climate by creating an internalized oasis within the central space.

In addition, visitors will also benefit from Schindler’s destination dispatch solution PORT. Schindler’s PORT capabilities will naturally provide the Tower with substantial benefits in terms of energy savings, access control and transit management.

In the low rise governmental segment, Schindler will be supplying the mobility solutions for the Al Muzdalifah Government Complex, a large-scale governmental complex in the Muzdalifah Area on the edge of the Holy City of Makkah (Mecca).

The sprawling Muzdalifah complex covers a total area of two million square meters and will include both residential and office buildings. The complex, which will have a total of 3,200 office and housing units when completed, includes 100 Schindler 3300 elevators and will facilitate the Hajj rites and also will make more space available for the growing number of Haj pilgrims.