Schindler France enables the Rennes Metro to prepare for the future

Schindler chosen to supply all elevators and escalators for the new subway Line B in Rennes 

Rennes Metro
View from Avenue Belle Fontaine to Rue Clos Courtel - Image property of Anthracite-AMA

The historic city of Rennes in northwestern France has a relatively new subway system (first opened in 2002), to help the city deal with more than 70 million trips per year. This number is forecasted to reach 120 million trips annually by 2020.

To prepare for this increase, the Rennes transport authority, Rennes Métropole, is adding a new line to the subway system, and chose Schindler to provide mobility solutions to and from the subway platforms.  

Rennes Metro
Gares station interior view – Image property of Zündel et Cristea, Architram

Key to the project will be 43 elevators and 64 escalators, including the company’s newest innovation, the Schindler 5500 elevator, customized to meet the specific needs of the project. The 64 Schindler 9300 escalators already have a high reputation for reliability and efficiency in many high-traffic locations around the world.

The Schindler 5500 is the ideal solution for the Rennes Line B’s requirement for state-of-the-art mobility, configured to meet all of the Metro stop specifications. Also, the Deco 2 design concept for the Schindler 5500 will allow the elevator interior designs to match the various architectural styles of the different stations along the line.

The Swiss-based company’s escalators, elevators and moving walks transport a billion people a day worldwide – many of them in the demanding area of public transportation. The new Rennes Metro Line B will open in late 2019 and joins a long list of rail systems from New York to Shanghai that rely on Schindler products. 

Schindler’s customer focus, technology, efficient products, as well as superior price-for-value, continue to make Schindler the mobility supplier of choice for public transportation projects around the world. 

Rennes Metro
View from the south to the Beaulieu-Université station – Image property of Anthracite-AMA