EZ Towers

Two 150m office buildings in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

Schindler products installed:

Schindler 7000
Schindler 7000

The Schindler 7000 is our top range, high performance product, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customer. It can be found in many of the world’s landmark buildings. Schindler 7000 incorporates a new technique for combining the most efficient use of the building’s elevators with an exceptional travelling experience for passengers.

Schindler 5500
Schindler 5500

The Schindler 5500 is equal to any task. The system is built to meet your expectations, regardless of whether it is just one elevator for an office building, or a major project for an airport that is required – with standard or custom-  made interior design – this elevator leaves nothing to be desired.

The Schindler 3300 elevator, designed for low-rise to mid-rise commercial and multi-family residential buildings, offers space-saving machine room-less applications, distinct design options, integrated green technology and smooth, quiet performance.

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