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From Stockholm to Dubai, from Melbourne to New York, Schindler helps shaping the skylines of the metropolises of the world.

Schindler is providing landmark buildings around the world with groundbreaking vertical transportation – and maintaining them in top condition. From a small two- story commercial building to a skyscraper in a major city, Schindler elevators and escalators, maintenance, modernization and industry leading destination control are unsurpassed.

Healthcare facilities


When designing mobility solutions for healthcare facilities, reliability is paramount. Schindler products are designed to make patients feel comfortable and safe.


Hotels facilities


Schindler hotel elevators and escalators are quiet and comfortable. They let guests enjoy your hotel’s interior design and friendly staff - for a warm and personal welcome.

Institutional facilities


From a small public library to a prestigous museum, to schools and universities throughout the world, Schindler is there, providing safe, reliable mobility products to move passengers smoothly to their destinations.

Mixed-Used facilities


Mixed-use facilities and developments bring residential, office, hotel, retail and entertainment spaces together.

Offce facilities


From a small two-story commercial building to a skyscraper in a major city, Schindler solutions for new installations, maintenance and modernization are unsurpassed.

Residential buildings


Schindler's reliable solutions help move residents through your building at all times of the day - including the busy morning and evening rush.

Malls & Retail

Malls & Retail

You want your customers moving quickly and efficiently through your shopping environment - especially at peak times like weekends.

Sports & Expo

Sports & Expo

Stadiums, arenas and convention centers are in the business of moving masses of people quickly and safely - from moving fans to their seats to moving players on the fields to moving crowds through exhibitions.

Cruise Ships

Schindler Marine is the mobility provider of choice on board luxury ocean liners, mega yachts and ferries.

Transport facilities


At train stations or airports people want convenient travel from point A to B. For Schindler convenience means reliable elevators, escalators and moving walksways optimally located.

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