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Schindler Plan & Design

Schindler Plan & Design is our online planning and design tool. Finding the right elevator or escalator layouts and designing the elevator interior is now made easy. Schindler Plan helps you to accurately prepare your escalator or elevator specifications in the early stage of the building project lifecycle.

Architects, planners, specifiers and project managers can download their specific escalator or elevator planning data in the form of CAD drawings (dwg, dxf), BIM models (ifc) or written specifications (docx).

In just a few clicks, we are able to provide you with, not just recommendations, but also a comprehensive product specification and a detailed layout drawing.  

Schindler Plan & Design

Elevator or escalator planning
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“I don’t know what elevator or escalator I need for my building…”

In Plan you can navigate through the portal. You provide your basic building design details, Schindler Plan then determines the minimum elevator requirements through a simple traffic study and recommends the product for your building. The specification and drawings are then available for download.

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“I know what elevator I need for my building…”

Use Fast track to directly access the elevator layout drawings catalogue and download the files in pdf/dwg/dxf format.

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“I want to create my elevator interior…”

The Design module lets you create the interior of your elevator, select options and features and download the corresponding design specification.

For the closest color match we recommend to view on iMac or iPad.

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"I want to access my saved project files..."

Login to User Portal to browse through your saved projects and download the specifications.

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