Schindler 2600 - The heavyweight elevator

Schindler 2600 The heavyweight elevator

Our freight elevator for complex transport tasks in warehouses, shopping centers or industrial facilities.

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Versatile and robust

Schindler 2600 adapts itself to fit your needs, from size to equipment features – whether in industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers or buildings for the healthcare industry.

Robust technology, highly developed modules, quality materials and practical protection features make the elevator a durable, high-value asset.

Solid performance - Schindler 3300

Usage category

Designed with the building in mind, whether it is important to offload deliveries promptly, move heavy goods with ease or simply transport shoppers up to the car park level, Schindler 2600 has a fit for all.

Heavy loads are lightened - Schindler 2600

Heavy loads are lightened

You want to transport heavy cargo and goods? At a quick pace and over the long term? Then the Schindler 2600 is the ideal choice for you, as it is equipped with load-bearing capacity to meet a wide range of requirements.

Choice of design - Schindler 3300

Lasting design

With the Schindler 2600 you may select and combine materials and colors to fit your requirements. The choice of durable, yet versatile materials will contribute to a lasting operation in style. For heavy-duty usage bumper rails can be added optionally.

Your country specific configuration

Schindler products are available in more than 100 countries and they meet specific local requirements. Please refer to your country website or your personal Schindler consultant to experience what the Schindler 2600 offers in your region.