Modernization of Escalators & Moving Walks

Schindler can modernize your escalators and moving walks with upgraded components or can conduct a full upgrade or replacement. Whatever you choose, Schindler modernization can help your escalators and moving walks perform more reliably and safely.

Full replacement

A full escalator or moving walk replacement involves installing a new truss. Replace your older equipment with new cutting-edge Schindler escalators and moving walks.

InTruss modernization

A complete escalator or moving walk upgrade using your existing truss. Make your old, outdated escalators comparable to a new Schindler escalators and moving walks.

Modernization kits

With Schindler's upgrade programs, you can enhance escalator and moving walk performance and give your system an up-to-date appearance, from steps to handrails.

Your country specific configuration

Schindler products are available in more than 100 countries and they meet specific local requirements. Please refer to your country website.