Elevator modernization solutions Keeping passengers moving

We’re using our globally renowned expertise to provide you with the very best elevator modernization solutions. Our Swiss-precision engineering and proven systems improve the reliability, safety, performance and aesthetics of your elevator – increasing your building’s overall value.

Benefit from latest technologies

Benefit from latest technologies

Our replacement elevators allow your passengers not only to enjoy noticeably smoother, quieter operation but also another level of passenger experience thanks to digitally enhanced mobility. Residents and tenants will appreciate the additional comfort and convenience your modernization brings to their life. Enjoy seamless mobility with no complaints.

Minimal downtime and disruption

Minimal downtime and disruption

Our global competencies and expertise make it sure to minimize building adaptations and optimize the installation process when replacing your elevator, setting new standards in the field. In fact, installing our replacement elevators requires up to 40% less time than a conventional replacement. That means that residents can look forward to minimum disturbance and downtime, and you can enjoy a professional and hassle-free process from ordering to handover.

Improved safety and code compliance

Improved safety and code compliance

Safety is a top priority at Schindler. Our new, modular-platform product range ensures improved safety for customers, visitors, residents and passengers. Our elevator systems meet the latest EU safety requirements and is EC type-certified according to the latest regulations (New Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU, European lifts standards EN 81-20/50, European standard EN 81-21 for new lifts in existing buildings, and optionally European standard EN 81-70 regarding accessibility to lifts for persons with disabilities).

Our replacement systems

Schindler 1000 Plus

The Schindler 1000 Plus elevator is designed to fulfill the unique requirements of residential buildings with comfort, efficiency and style.

Schindler 3000 Plus

Schindler 3000 Plus elevator is made to be flexible in every way and fits perfectly in your building tailored to multiple applications in any urban environment.

Schindler 5000 Plus

Schindler 5000 Plus elevator combines high-rise performance with maximum flexibility to fit seamlessly in your building.

Schindler 6200

Limited space calls for unlimited adaptability. The Schindler 6200 elevator offers the ideal solution to best fit all kinds of narrow shafts.

Schindler 6300

Easy to plan, fast to install. The Schindler 6300 is the out-of-the-box elevator replacement for residential and commercial buildings.

Schindler 6500

High performance for maximized mobility. The Schindler 6500 features advanced traffic management technology combined with a wide range of designs.

Your country specific configuration

Schindler products are available in more than 100 countries and they meet specific local requirements. Please refer to your country website.