Touchless Operation Touchless travel through your building

Touchless Operation - Touchless travel through your building

The PORT Technology now offers four different ways to travel through buildings without ever touching an elevator or even a door. It’s effective. It’s highly efficient. And it’s hygienic. Find out which solution is best for your building below.


Touchless Elevator Call

Touchless Elevator Call

Passengers using myPORT must have Bluetooth active on their smartphones. As soon as any passenger running myPORT on their phone approaches a PORT terminal, the phone will automatically display a control panel showing all the floors he or she is authorized to go to. After choosing the destination floor on the phone, an elevator is immediately assigned to that call, and the phone displays confirmation of which car to take. There is no need to touch and call button, destination button, or even open door and close door. Everything proceeds automatically.

A further option is to click on the ‘elevator’ button on the main myPORT app interface. The display of authorized access floors flags up, and then the journey proceeds as above. For all myPORT-enabled buildings.

Touch Free Visitor Access

Touch Free Visitor Access

To use this function, registered myPORT users just click on the URL in the main myPORT app interface, generating a unique one-time ‘Crazy Color Code’ that is sent straight to the user’s phone by SMS. The passenger then opens the code on his or her phone and presents it to the dedicated CCC scanner on any of the building’s PORT terminals. The PORT terminal then shows the passenger which elevator to take for a touchless ride. For all myPORT-enabled buildings.

Remote Access Control

Remote Access Control

Requires an active internet connection on the user’s smartphone. With myPORT, users can access and travel touchfree to all authorized floors by swiping the unlock button in the application. The phone then displays the authorized floors and the passenger is guided through a touchless journey to destination. For all myPORT-enabled buildings.

myPORT Public

myPORT Public

A new myPORT feature available to all users, visitors and the general public in any building with PORT-enabled elevators (PORT third-generation or later).

Any passenger can download the myPORT Public app for full functionality and must have Bluetooth active on his or her smartphone.

With myPORT Public running, as soon as the passenger approaches a PORT terminal a list of all publicly accessible floors only will display on the phone. After choosing the destination floor on their phone, the assigned elevator is signed up on the phone and the passenger is guided through a touchless journey.

myPORT Public QR

myPORT Public QR

myPORT QR Code function requires no download. Users must be connected to the Internet. Passengers call an elevator by using their phone’s camera to scan the QR code on any PORT terminal display.

The QR code triggers a weblink, and the passenger clicks on this to obtain a display of all the publicly accessible floors in the building. The passenger simply selects the desired floor and is then guided on the phone to the designated elevator and a touchless journey to destination. Available to all passengers in any PORT-equipped building (PORT third-generation and above).

Access Card

Access Card - Auto Destination

Auto Destination

Passengers with preset destination floors on their RFID access cards simply present the card to any PORT terminal. The PORT destination control system then assigns an elevator to this preset floor and guides the passenger through a touchless journey.

Please note: there are two types of presets for automatic destinations:

The universal PORT auto destination: always takes the passenger to the same destination floor from any other floor in the building.

The specific PORT auto destination: allows passengers to travel to different destination floors, depending on where they start their journey. So, an individual user could have destination floor 5 preset for all journeys beginning on floor 1, but destination floor 6 preset for all journeys beginning on floor 2. are two types of auto destination floor. Works with all PORT-equipped elevators with access card readers.

Touchless Scroll

Using PORT RFID Navigator, passengers wishing to select individual destinations simply present their RFID card to the PORT terminal and wait for PORT to scan through the list of floors accessible from that zone or elevator. As PORT scans the floors, each is highlighted separately. The passenger then removes his or her RFID card away from the terminal, and the system allocates an elevator to that call, then guides them through a touchless journey to destination.

Works with all PORT-equipped elevators with access card readers.

Whatever the architectural aspiration or functional requirement at a particular touch point, there is a PORT terminal to satisfy it.

Your country specific configuration

Schindler products are available in more than 100 countries and they meet specific local requirements. Please refer to your country website.