myPORT You’re in control. Wherever you are.

myPORT - You’re in control. Wherever you are.

myPORT provides users with a uniquely seamless secure and convenient access to and transition through their building. Occupants can use their pre-installed myPORT app to fully access a vast array of features to make their journeys flow unimpeded while the visitor can be guided to specific places without the need of any pre installed software.

Entering the office with myPORT

Entering the office

Where as soon as you arrive a token is passed to your phone allowing it to be used to open the barrier and program an elevator to your preferred floor.

Or the home with myPORT

Or the home

Where once your myPORT phone opens the outer door, the elevator, pre-programmed to your floor, will be called and, when you arrive your apartment door can be opened.

Or inside any space with myPORT

Or inside any space

Where preferred journeys can be learnt or pre-programmed meaning they can often be initiated with the phone just in your pocket. Just approach the elevator and go!

And for Visitors, myPORT

And for Visitors

There is no need for a myPORT app since a simple text can be sent to any phone which, when entering the building, provides a link, allowing a special color code to be downloaded. This is shown to the PORT on the barrier and allows access and guidance to the required floor – as well as informing the invitee of the arrival.

Your country specific configuration

Schindler products are available in more than 100 countries and they meet specific local requirements. Please refer to your country website.