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Traffic management - Seamless mobility

Simulation planning and professional support

Traffic Analysis-Application & its benefits two basic considerations, namely, the quantity of service required and the quality of service desired, determine the type of lifts to be provided in a particular building. Quantity of service gives the passenger handling capacity of the lifts during the peak periods and the quality of service is measured in terms of waiting time of passengers at various floors.

The traffic analysis supports customers in choosing the ideal product or combination of products to handle the expected passenger traffic in the building. Schindler Traffic Analysis Reports are based on different traffic situations tested by benchmark methods. This ensures that the traffic analysis covers a full range of applications and reports reliable and comparable performance predictions.

A traffic analysis studies the performance of a group of elevators, based on assumptions about the expected traffic situation. The main performance measurements are handling capacity and waiting time. Reliable and comparable performance results are found by means of benchmark simulations which reflect the expected real behavior of a group of elevators under a wide range of traffic situations.

A traffic analysis should cover a variety of important traffic situations, especially when planning new buildings. Reported values should be as reliable and comparable as possible. However, performance values depend on the methods of the traffic analysis and the basic traffic assumptions.

Schindler Lobby Vision 3

Your trustworthy system for monitoring building mobility solutions

The building complex view in Schindler LobbyVision 3 is a tailor made overview, editor, which enables the building manager to customize their own campus or building overviews and use them as the supervision homepage with links to the detailed group status view.

Schindler Lobby Vision 3 - Your trustworthy system for monitoring building mobility solutions

The building complex view, refelects the status of all connected elevators, escalators and moving walks sccording to a specific color code.

Information, such as the location of evacuation routes, entry and exit points, and security gates can be included to support events triggered decision making.

Schindler LobbyVision 3 administrators are ready to support you with the design concept to tailor make your Building Complex View.

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