Schindler Transport

Speed and safety are not a contradiction in terms

At crowded public transport locations like train stations or airports, people want convenient travel from point A to B. They don’t want to be bothered with long queues and waiting times. For Schindler, convenience means reliable elevators, escalators and moving walks optimally located.


For detailed information about Schindler mobility solutions for airports, railway und underground stations, please contact the Schindler representative in your country.

Precisely planned

With Schindler mobility solutions, your airport or railway station runs like a Swiss watch. Schindler engineers precision into its elevators and escalators to meet your specific needs. Famous for their stopping and leveling accuracy, they are easy to use, efficient, safe and durable. Schindler moves millions of people by focusing on the needs of each individual passenger.

Availability delivered

Schindler products are robust and large enough to carry loaded luggage carts. High-tech, they have control panels with Braille and large command buttons that are easy to operate even when your hands are full. And we keep your Schindler elevator, escalator or moving walk running and available at all times with a maintenance team close by - wherever you are.

Airport Munich, Germany

Reference: Airport Munich, Germany

At the Munich airport, Germany, countless people have to reach their destinations quickly and efficiently, which requires synchronized traffic patterns, horizontally as well as vertically. Schindler escalators, elevators and moving walks fit perfectly into this lively environment. They are reliable and have an exceptionally attractive design, enhancing the appearance of a building complex.

Planning Guide for Elevators

The purpose of this Planning Guide is to provide basic information on elevators for the public transportation segment (airports, railway stations, underground stations etc.), and to help you find the best elevator solution for your particular needs.

Special requirements

Constant innovations in technology has greatly improved accessibility and our quality of life everywhere. This improved quality and ease of access...

Code & Standards

Interiors and user interfaces are very heavily influenced by the elevator industry regulatory codes. These include how the car will be designed or...

Traffic Management

Traffic Analysis-Application & its benefits two basic considerations, namely, the quantity of service required and the quality of service desired, determine...


Schindler has a global perspective on sustainability and focuses on the most relevant key performance indicators. Schindler’s commitment to sustainability...