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Transport - Elevator products and packages

We provide the means to move people to, from and through public transport systems worldwide – including airports, subways, main railway stations and more. With over 140 years of experience, we know how to design and precision-engineer our public transport elevators, escalators and moving walks to meet all specific needs.

Adding personal comfort to public transport

With our mobility solutions, your facility runslike a Swiss watch. Our precision engineeringhelps millions of people to get there quickly,reliably and safely.

Managing mobility. At crowded public transport locations, people need to get from point A to B. It has to be a convenient experience – with few lines and short waiting times. To us, convenience also means reliable elevators, escalators and moving walks that are optimally located. They should be large enough to handle capacity and easy enough to operate for the disabled and passengers in a full car.

Fast response. With us as your partner, you can ensure public spaces stay mobile at all times. Our products are especially durable and reliable, and can be connected to your building management systems. We know how our escalators and elevators are used. We have just the right modernization solution and service package to keep them running over the long term including fast response and spare-parts delivery.

Perfect fit. We support you to find the right mobility solution for your public transport facility, airport or railway station. In the cabins of our large elevators, you can place the control panel almost anywhere you want. You can even have multiple control panels. We offer keyless options for your cleaning team. Our access control system lets you keep operating logistics efficiently in the background. Once you find the perfect fit, we can also assist you with fast installation.


Schindler References, Transport - New Istanbul Airport, Turkey

Schindler installed 328 elevators, 166 escalators, and 167 moving walks in just two years.

New Istanbul Airport, Turkey


Tailored for the public transport sector


From big to small, heavy to light, from low-rise to high-rise - Schindler offers preengineered or fully-customized elevators.


Today's most comprehensive portfolio of escalators, from the world's most popular, the Schindler 9300, to the heavy-duty Schindler 9700.

Moving walks

With a full range of design features to choose from, a moving walk from Schindler seamlessly integrates into any building.

Schindler Modernization

Want to optimize mobility in your building?

Modernization ensures continued functionality, safety, comfort and compliance with changing official regulations. Schindler offers replacements for elevator and escalator systems or step-by-step transformations for specific parts – solutions that protect your investment for the long-term.

Planning Guide for Elevators

The purpose of this Planning Guide is to provide basic information on elevators for the public transportation segment (airports, railway stations, underground stations etc.), and to help you find the best elevator solution for your particular needs.

Special requirements

Constant innovations in technology has greatly improved accessibility and our quality of life everywhere. This improved quality and ease of access...

Code & Standards

Interiors and user interfaces are very heavily influenced by the elevator industry regulatory codes. These include how the car will be designed or...

Traffic Management

Traffic Analysis-Application & its benefits two basic considerations, namely, the quantity of service required and the quality of service desired, determine...


Schindler has a global perspective on sustainability and focuses on the most relevant key performance indicators. Schindler’s commitment to sustainability...

Your country specific configuration

Schindler products are available in more than 100 countries and they meet specific local requirements. Please refer to your country website.