Marine Experience the extraordinary

Marine Experience the extraordinary

Schindler Marine is your choice for luxury cruise ships, mega-yachts and ferries. We develop special mobility solutions for marine installations and are known for meeting the high aesthetic standards of the cruise industry.

Unmistakable design

For passengers and ship owners, design is the most important feature of an onboard elevator. It should it be a unique creation and should match the design theme of the vessel.

Schindler Marine’s expertise and know-how delivers value-added mobility solutions to architects and ship owners. We fulfill aesthetic and service expectations with fully-customized elevators. Schindler Marine solutions combine high quality materials such as marble, ebony, glass, stainless steel or teak to meet any design request.

Highest standards

Schindler Marine elevators comply with the strict naval register requirements for onboard installations worldwide. These affect design specifications like escape routes, and materials, for fire proofing and cables.

Schindler elevators are some of the best at handling ship movement and vibration at sea. Our motors are more powerful than on land. The cabins are vibration-free and protected against water, dust and corrosion. And like all Schindler products, our marine elevators are energy optimized and deliver the ultimate in reliable operation.

Emerald Princess
Carnival Dream

Naval expertise

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, Schindler Marine has been an expert consultant and close partner to shipbuilders and naval architects since the 1980s. The company typically advises and works with shipyards from the early stages of planning and designing a vessel to installing and maintaining elevators and escalators. Service and maintenance teams are available globally and managed from the head offices in Milan (Italy), as well as the two hubs in Miami (USA) and Shanghai (China).

Marine engineering team

At Schindler we have a dedicated Marine Engineering Team. Every project they complete is a truly unique solution. They specialize in exceeding the expectations of ship owners and ship builders, while complying with strict naval requirements.


Carnival Horizon

‘Carnival Horizon’ is the first ship equipped with Schindler’s PORT Technology. The cruise ship has been supplied with 33 elevators and 4 escalators, installed by Schindler's specialist Marine Unit.

The 16 core passenger elevators are all equipped with Schindler’s pioneering PORT Technology, which enhances the current operations and enables a smooth and efficient embarkation and debarkation process for up to 4,500 passengers.

Carnival Horizon

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