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Schindler adds value to the buildings of architects, owners and builders. Schindler mobility solutions are adapted to all needs – from first sketches in planning to operation and modernization. Schindler products are recognized as benchmarks for quality and safety.


Our elevators deliver passengers to their homes safely, quietly, efficiently and in comfort – a daily pleasure your tenants can take for granted.


Our elevators and escalators deliver passengers to their offices safely, quietly, efficiently and in comfort something your tenants can take for granted.


We have over 100 year experience supplying elevators and escalators to hotels worldwide using always the latest technologies.


Our elevators deliver patients and their guests to their destinations in safe, quiet, smooth and reliable comfort.

Malls and Retail

Our elevators and escalators deliver passengers to shops in quiet comfort, helping to make that retail experience a memorable one.


With our mobility solutions, your facility runs like a Swiss watch. Our precision engineering helps mio. of people to get there quickly, reliably and safely.


Schindler Marine is your choice for luxury cruise ships, mega-yachts and ferries. We develop special mobility solutions for marine installations meeting the high aesthetic standards of the cruise industry.

Sports & Expo

Stadiums, arenas and convention centers are in the business of moving masses of people quickly and safely - from moving fans to their seats to moving players on the fields to moving crowds through exhibitions.


Schindler understands how demanding public structures are. They have to provide mobility without interruption and restricted access - all at the same time.

Your country specific configuration

Schindler products are available in more than 100 countries and they meet specific local requirements. Please refer to your country website.