Wooden Shaft in France


In cooperation with real estate developer Tereneo, Schindler France has developed a unique elevator through the construction of a wooden shaft.


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Since this summer, a very special elevator has been transporting its users in a building in the industrial estate “Parc Europe” in Marcq-en-Barœul. In partnership with Tereneo, a real estate developer specializing in sustainable construction, Schindler has designed a unique elevator with a wooden shaft as part of an eco-design approach. This alliance, based on the shared expertise of Schindler and Tereneo, made it possible to install a modern, elegant and energy-efficient elevator.

Wooden Elevator Shaft in France
The wooden shaft

Challenge taken up

For Céline Sarkissian, Sales Engineer - New Installations at Schindler France, "the use of a wooden shaft is a novelty for Schindler. The studies were more complicated than usual and required regular adjustments with the carpenter." The installation of the elevator had to be done in a way that was consistent with the rest of the building, which was entirely built of wood, to avoid any problems with joints and materials.

To make this project possible, it was also necessary to ensure compliance with fire protection regulations and to comply with EN 81-20. "Attendance at site meetings was essential to the success of the project and important to give full satisfaction to our client," adds Celine. The agreement between the different stakeholders was decisive for the smooth running of the project. "The good communication and interface between Schindler, Tereneo and the carpenter played a fundamental role in the development of this project," says Celine.

This very innovative and sustainable approach fits perfectly into the design of the building.

A unique elevator with a wooden shaft as part of an eco-design approach
A unique elevator with a wooden shaft as part of an eco-design approach