The Swiss Diversity Initiative


Reflecting our employees' needs & priorities: Schindler Switzerland launched the Swiss Diversity Initiative two years ago as a vehicle for targeted action to improve diversity and inclusion within the company.

The Swiss Diversity Initiative

Whilst the initiative follows the Group focus on gender, they have broadened the remit and included other aspects of diversity that are particularly relevant to their context and employees.

For instance, part-time work and job-sharing are key issues for men and women in Switzerland and the team supports employees who would like to explore this option. Within the business, they have some great examples of how employees are benefitting from this type of arrangement and can see how this helps keep them motivated at work.

The Swiss Diversity Initiative

Exchange and best practice examples

They have also started tackling intergenerational diversity issues by promoting knowledge transfer between younger and older members of the team. As the workforce gets older, these interactions allow different generations to learn from each other and work together.

Every year they reflect on their actions in a Diversity event, showcasing key initiatives and sharing what has worked well and areas for improvement. This helps them calibrate their actions for the coming year and make sure they are achieving their goal of developing a diverse and inclusive work culture.

At this year’s event, particular success stories include job sharing for women in leadership positions, and part-time work for men. Next year we look forward to hearing more about their success in intergenerational diversity.

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