The Lift Camp - a unique Schindler training program


Since 2008, the Lift Camp has been the first step towards becoming a mechanic, fitter or service technician for Schindler. The aim is to ensure consistent training for all employees.

Whether it's a career change or an internal change of position, every employee can complete the camp within 35 to 40 days. Christian Ryter and Marco Fanconi (former participants) gave us insights on their experience with this unique Schindler in-house training.

Lift Camp Participants
Marco Fanconi and Christian Ryter

From the point of view of the participants

What did you expect from the Lift Camp?
Marco Fanconi (MF): My expectations were actually very high due to many positive reports from colleagues in the past and they were all met.
Christian Ryter (CR): I was a mechanic for 5 years and came to the Liftcamp without any particular expectations, but I was surprised how much I learned.

In what industry did you work before?
CR: I’m a trained landscape gardener but have been working as a fitter for 5 years now.
MF: I used to be a car mechanic, so I already had a certain expertise in the electronics field.

Why did you consider an industry change?
CR: Some friends recommended Schindler as a good employer and I thought, why not? Give it a try.
MF: My brother already worked in the elevator industry for AS (Schindler’s dual brand in Switzerland) and recommended it to me. I didn’t see a bright future for myself in the automotive industry, so I decided to do something else.

"I was surprised how mouch I learned" - Christian Ryser

How was daily life in the Lift Camp?
MF: The camp was not too exhausting but very exciting. The learning matters were very well taught by the trainers and the atmosphere was very collegial. It was definitely challenging but not overtaxing.
CR: The theoretical part was heavy and difficult to a certain extent. The practical parts in the afternoon were easier for many of those who had experience in assembling. But I guess without pre-knowledge you really have to learn a lot.

What’s your personal take away from the training?
CR: The Lift Camp helped me to get more confidence in what I’m doing. Thanks to the communication class for example, I learned so much about the importance of customer focus and I can now face them more competently.
MF: I’m happy that I had the chance to participate in this training and to get to know many people from whom I learned so much. To be honest, it was also nice to see how the head office looks like. That really helped me to identify myself even better with the company.

The Lift Camp

The Lift Camp

The Lift Camp is the basic training for Schindler specialists in fitting, repair and service. The intensive training is mandatory for all employees who take up a position "in the field". The Lift Camp prepares them for work in the shaft and machine room. The Lift Camp attaches great importance to safety and professional work for customers.

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Interview with Daniel Schirmer and Raphael Käslin, trainers at the Lift Camp.

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