Role models for careers in science and engineering


How Nadine Malik from Schindler in Switzerland became a role model for women pursuing careers in science and engineering.

Inspiring action

Nadine Malik is a Business Process Manager for Supply Chain Management and is currently participating in our Women in Leadership program. Like many women in Engineering, she knows what it’s like to be the only woman in the room, particularly when it comes to decision-making. 

To change this situation, she feels strongly that young women need active encouragement to pursue careers in science and engineering and decided to volunteer her time to this issue.

Nadine Malik and Valeria Pliska.
Nadine Malik and Valeria Pliska.

Role models for young women

At the end of 2018, Nadine got in touch with her local secondary school in Switzerland and offered to speak to female students about the opportunities they have in science and engineering.

The school enthusiastically accepted and welcomed Nadine with open arms. She also received support from two female apprentices studying technical professions: Florine Märki – System and Apparatus Builder, and Valeria Pliska - Polymechanic, who were keen to share their experience of working in technical roles with other young women. 

During the presentation, the three Schindler employees gave an overview of their roles and facilitated practical activities, so the girls could get a feel for the type of work they could do at Schindler. The workshop participants were also invited to visit Schindler Switzerland’s facilities.

The future of science and engineering

By becoming a role model to young women and encouraging other women in industry to do the same, Nadine hopes that more women will make the same choice she did and opt for a career in science and engineering.

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