Schindler’s global head office moves towards carbon-neutral energy consumption


Since the start of September, Schindler has been meeting the heating requirements at its head office in Ebikon using a district heating solution based on the incineration of refuse. It is planned that from 2017, all of the head office’s electricity needs will also be met with power generated from carbon-neutral sources.

Refuse also has its uses. Since August 31, 2016, Schindler has been using waste heat produced through the incineration of refuse to heat all of the buildings on the Ebikon Campus and to supply warm water for the around 1,800 employees who work there.

This waste heat is generated at the ‘Renergia’ refuse incineration plant in Perlen, which is located nearby. It is then used to heat up water, which is subsequently transported through a well-insulated network of pipes to Schindler. Once it arrives there, the heat is extracted from the water in the heat exchanger and is transferred to Schindler’s heating system. The cooled water is circulated back to Renergia, where it is heated up again.

Heat exchanger on Ebikon Campus
In the heat exchanger, heat is extracted from the water and transferred to Schindler’s internal heating network.

The district heating supply replaces the previous gas heating system at the Ebikon Campus. The old system will be dismantled in the coming months.

The implementation of this new environmentally friendly solution reflects Schindler’s continued commitment to sustainability. For example, water consumption at the head office in Ebikon has been reduced by more than 80% in recent years as a result of various measures. As the next step in this process, Schindler plans to only purchase electricity generated using hydropower – i.e. renewable resources – for the Ebikon Campus from 2017. This means that Schindler’s head office will be carbon neutral from next year.

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