Schindler Switzerland awarded Swiss LGBTI* Label


Schindler Switzerland has been awarded the Swiss LGBTI* Label, taking another step forward in its journey to become a more diverse and inclusive employer.

LGBTI* flag at the Schindler campus in Ebikon, Switzerland

Proudly flying the Pride flag in Ebikon

Schindler’s corporate colors are an unmistakeable part of who we are. But if you visited the Ebikon campus recently, you may have seen the Pride rainbow colors on our flagpole as well.

Of course, improving diversity and inclusion, is more than an isolated gesture. We as Schindler strive to match these with concrete actions aiming to provide employees with a work environment where they can be themselves, irrespective of sexual orientation.

Schindler Switzerland receiving the award for the Swiss LGBTI* Label
Schindler Switzerland receiving the award for the Swiss LGBTI* Label

Becoming a more LGBTI* friendly employer

As part of this journey, Schindler Switzerland applied for the Swiss LGBTI* Label. This was also a great way to learn about our strengths and weaknesses in LGBTI* inclusion, and where Schindler needs to focus attention in the future.

The label was developed by two prominent Swiss LGBTI* associations, Network and Wybernet, and uses a standardized questionnaire to evaluate organizations' level of openness and inclusivity.

To complete the questionnaire, a group from the Schindler Career Development Program (SCDP) volunteered their time to conduct research internally and formulate responses. These were submitted to the Swiss LGBTI* Label and reviewed in accordance with their criteria.

With this successful attempt Schindler was granted the Swiss LGBTI* Label, valid for 3 years, and has received feedback on areas for further improvement. For Schindler Switzerland, receiving the Swiss LGBTI* Label is a source of pride, the work doesn't stop here.

An ongoing journey towards greater inclusion

Looking forward to 2020 and beyond, we will use the feedback from the Swiss LGBTI* Label to continue work on the inclusion of the LGBTI* community. Based on this, particular areas of focus include:

  • Improving the inclusion of transgender and intersex
  • Incorporating rainbow families in Human Resource policies
  • Prevention of discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation
  • LGBTI* partnerships and communication

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