Schindler Iberia’s commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities


When Schindler Iberia committed to the inclusion of people with mental and physical disabilities the team openly admits they were excited but also apprehensive. Making charitable donations was one thing but creating a direct link to the business through partnerships and employment opportunities was quite another.

A day in life of Lidia, Schindler employee in Iberia.

Overcoming apprehensions and taking an active approach to inclusion

A few years down the line, the team has left their apprehensions behind. They now have many examples of how including people with disabilities in the workforce brings rewards rather than challenges. And they are extremely proud of what has been achieved.

Today, if you visit Schindler offices in Spain and Portugal you may meet one of the employees with Downs Syndrome who joined thanks to agreements with Down Spain and APPT 21. And if you visit the call center in Spain, the staff will proudly point out that it’s a special employment center where 70% of employees are disabled. Schindler Iberia continues to work with its partners on disability awareness raising and regularly involves employees in these initiatives.

Committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce

By taking an active approach to the inclusion of people with disabilities, Schindler Iberia has received external recognition, gaining a “Solidar” award for their achievements in workforce integration. But it is also a source of pride for employees, a clear sign of the company’s commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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