Schindler France partners with BlueSolutions on electric fleet vehicles


Schindler France and BlueSolutions, a subsidiary of Groupe Bolloré and global leader in electrical storage, have officially launched their partnership on electric mobility. Schindler becomes the first private enterprise to equip itself with so many “Blueutility” electric vehicles.

22 new “Blueutility” vehicles added to the Schindler service fleet

On March 4th, Vincent Bolloré, CEO of Groupe Bolloré and Pierre Vanstoflegatte, CEO of Schindler France, officially launched their partnership on electric mobility by putting 22 electric vehicles, called “Blueutility”, into circulation in Paris and Lyons. Using a 50 kW pure electric engine, the 22 vehicles have an estimated range of 250 km and will serve as environmentally friendly service vehicles in urban areas. 

Striving to change behavior

Schindler France has initiated this partnership in the context of its sustainability approach. The carbon balance has shown that its fleet has an 80% share of its environmental impact.

Julie Didier, project leader of this partnership:
“Driving is a key part of the technicians' day: they drive to work in the morning, drive from one unit to another during the day, and drive back home at night. The reduction of fuel consumption of Schindler’s vehicle fleet, while keeping optimal capacity of intervention in the field, has shown to be the most pragmatic and efficient way to improve environmental performance.

Using electric cars to achieve this goal, Schindler is showing its vision of a more intelligent urban mobility and bringing along its employees in order to progressively modify their behavior. By providing an electric car and a growing network of public electric plugs, BlueSolutions' innovation fits Schindler’s requirements perfectly. Starting from there, this is evolving as a win-win partnership for long term success.”

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