Schindler elevates commuting in Geneva


Schindler elevators and escalators play a key role in the CEVA railway project, making people’s journey in and out of Geneva more convenient and helping them avoid lengthy traffic jams.

Heavy traffic in small Geneva

Despite its relatively small size, Geneva struggles with heavy traffic congestion. One of the reasons for this is the proximity of the French border. Large numbers of people travel across the border every day resulting in a high-volume of vehicle traffic on the roads in the metropolitan area.

As a result, residents spend a considerable amount of time behind the wheel of their car stuck in traffic jams. The highways and public transport in the Greater Geneva area are heavily used and investment is being directed to projects that take the pressure off existing infrastructure and expand the current network.

Cutting commuting times by half

One such project is CEVA, the 16-kilometer rail connection between the Geneva Cornavin main train station and Annemasse, a town just across the border in France.

This new rail link will make movement between Cornavin and Annemasse considerably easier and users will benefit from a much shorter commute of only 22 minutes, compared to 53 minutes by bus.

Schindler provides elevators and escalators to five stations

The new railway path is expected to start operations by the end of 2019. Schindler elevators and escalators will serve five train stations and play a key role in helping people move through the local infrastructure, thus make passengers’ journey more comfortable.

Schindler is proud that its products feature in projects that make a visible, positive contribution to the urban environment, improving the quality of life of city residents.

Installation of an Schindler escalator at Geneva train station.
Installation of an Schindler escalator at Geneva train station.

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