CDP awards Schindler as best newcomer in Switzerland


At an award ceremony held in Munich on 25 October 2016 Schindler was recognized as the best newcomer in Switzerland for its 2015 CDP disclosure. This award was presented to Schindler by CDP in regard to the disclosure of its carbon footprint and subsequent efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Johann Viljoen, Corporate Environmental Manager (4th from left), and Andrè Podleisek, Corporate Sustainability Coordinator (5th from left) receiving the CDP award in Munich)
From the left to the right: Steven Tebble, CDP Managing Director Europe; Susan Dreyer, CDP Director DACH Region; Othmar Hug, SwissClimate; Johann Viljoen, Schindler Corporate Environmental Manager; Andrè Podleisek, Schindler Corporate Sustainability Coordinator; Sven Hannawald, SVEN HANNAWALD™ & SVEN EHRICHT consultants (photo: CDP/Photogenika).

CDP manages a platform that gathers data on greenhouse gas emissions from major corporations around the world. The data reported through CDP is used by a global network of currently 822 investors representing investments over $100 trillion. The information provides detail on a company´s climate strategy, the goals that are adopted to reduce emissions from various direct and indirect sources, and to what extent the goals were achieved over time.

One of the goals Schindler set itself is to reduce CO2 emissions from its vehicle fleet by 30% by the end of 2016 compared to the 2012 baseline. Another one includes the long-standing focus to provide energy-efficient elevators and escalators to our customers.

Receiving recognition for the efforts in crafting a more sustainable future is a great honor. Schindler remains committed to provide optimal mobility solutions in response to global urbanization and climate change.

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