World Youth Skills Day: Schindler offers opportunities for young people


Young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and are continuously exposed to lower quality jobs, greater labor market inequalities, and longer school-to-work transitions. By equipping young people with professional skills through apprenticeship programs, Schindler is helping tackle this issue.


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Young apprentices take opportunities offered by Schindler

On 15th July, young people worldwide celebrate World Youth Skills Day. The United Nations General Assembly designated the international day to raise awareness of the importance of investing in youth skills development. Schindler asked apprentices how their vocational training is preparing them for the world of work and why they are proud of working for Schindler.

Hugo Noguerola, Mexico

Hugo Noguerola, Mexico
“During my apprenticeship I am learning technical skills, but am also developing a professional mindset and way of working with people. I’m proud to be an apprentice at Schindler because a limited number of students were selected for the program and I know I have what it takes to succeed. I want people to know that they made a good decision when they chose me and continue to develop my career.”

Sai Thiha, Myanmar

Sai Thiha, Myanmar
“I was part of the Schindler Field Engineer Development Program in Myanmar and completed my apprenticeship this year. For the last 4 years I have studied part-time and put my technical knowledge to use at Schindler. Once I finished my apprenticeship, I was offered a job as a Field Engineer and am proud to be working full-time for Schindler.”

Vocational education and training is a central element of the Schindler Sustainability Strategy

Providing high-quality vocational education and training is one of the main ways Schindler creates value in communities. Currently, we run 34 vocational education and training programs globally, covering more than 2,000 students. Our community efforts across the globe support education for employees and their families, improving skills, competencies, and satisfaction at work.