Jiading campus starts new green journey


New rooftop photovoltaic power system at Schindler’s Jiading campus covers approximately 80% of the escalator plant's annual electricity consumption.

As one of the leading providers of elevators and escalators, Schindler is committed to shape a sustainable future through technical innovations and improve its environmental and social performance.

To reduce the ecological footprint of its campus in Jiading, Shanghai, Schindler installed a solar power system on the roof of the world's largest escalator assembly plant, spreading over 31,287 square meters.

Solar roof panels at the Schindler escalator plant in Jiading, Shanghai, China

Reducing annual carbon emissions of the Jiading campus

After the final inspection and confirmation made by Jiading Power Supply Bureau, the solar power system started to convert solar energy to electricity and is expected to generate 4,420,00 kWh per year which covers approximately 80% of the plant's annual electricity consumption. This helps to reduce annual carbon emissions.

At the launch ceremony Rene Matthe, President of the Schindler Escalator Division, thanked the constructor Jinko Power and Schindler's solar power Shanghai plant team for successfully implementing the solar power system.

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