Energy efficient elevators get a boost


With ProEleva, the Swiss government is promoting the refurbishment of old elevators to make them more energy efficient. Schindler is the technology partner of the program.

ProEleva and Schindler team up to reduce energy consumption
ProEleva and Schindler team up to reduce energy consumption.

Reducing energy consumption thanks to modernization

It’s no surprise that advances in technology mean that we can make elevators much more energy efficient than they used to be. But did you know that an older elevator can in many cases also be upgraded to be more efficient? In fact, modernization can reduce the electricity consumption of an older elevator by up to 50%.

This gain in efficiency, and the subsequent savings in energy consumption is the target of a program led by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, with Schindler Switzerland as the technology partner.

This modernization does come at a higher cost than minor maintenance adjustments, and this can be a barrier to investing in energy efficiency upgrades by a building owner. That is why the Swiss Government has launched the ProEleva program. Combined with energy savings, this financial boost makes elevator modernization particularly attractive to property owners.  

Online tool to calculate energy savings

ProEleva has a budget of more than CHF 400,000 until 2021. The funds come from ProKilowatt, a national program aimed at reducing electricity consumption in industry, trade, and services sectors, as well as in private households. As the technology partner of ProEleva, Schindler has developed an online tool that calculates the energy savings from possible modernization measures, which is then used to determine the level of financial support.

Schindler of course advises and supports its customers so that they can get the most out of the program without additional costs.  

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