Diversity in the spotlight at Atlas Schindler


Atlas Schindler in Brazil set the wheels in motion by establishing a Diversity Committee and thought of ways they could improve diversity within the company.

Diversity workshop at Atlas Schinder, Brazil
Diversity workshop at Atlas Schinder, Brazil

The Atlas Schindler Diversity Committee celebrated its first anniversary and it didn’t go unnoticed. The team organized a Diversity Week promoting an inclusive work environment where everyone is valued and accepted irrespective of their background. The week-long celebration was a great success. Approximately 3,000 employees got involved in different activities and were actively encouraged to give their views on diversity, particularly on ways to improve.

Company leaders played a key role in the events and brought teams together to discuss their views on diversity. These discussions gave rise to a multitude of suggestions that are now being considered by the Diversity Committee.

Actively promoting diversity in the Schindler Group

By encouraging teams to express their views and finding ways to bring their suggestions to life, the value of diversity becomes clear. Diverse teams make better decisions and this has a knock-on effect on the business. Atlas Schindler is now sharing its experience with other Schindler operating countries actively promoting diversity in the Schindler Group.

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