Women in Leadership program in Asia-Pacific


Equal opportunity and diversity of our employees are key elements of the Schindler Group philosophy. As part of our commitment we launched the Women in Leadership program in Asia-Pacific.


Moving forward in our journey towards more gender diversity

In Asia-Pacific, the Women in Leadership program started now with a three-day session provided by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). 18 female Schindler employees got together in Hong Kong and experienced an intensive journey of self-awareness, feedback and learning to strenghten their leadership capabilities. A professional coach will support their development in the coming months.

The program is sponsored by senior business and HR managers. This ensures all the necessary support is available, not only for the initial session, but also over the coming months so that the aspiring female managers can get the best out of the initiative and boost their careers at Schindler.​

Everyday we go further on diversity topics at Schindler. We are proud of our culture where opportunity is available to all, and where advancement is based on our employees achievements and merits, not on who they are​.

Participants of the three-day starting session of the Women in Leadership program in Hong Kong
Participants of the three-day starting session of the Women in Leadership program in Hong Kong

Global Women in Leadership program

As part of our commitment to diversity, Schindler established a Diversity Committee and launched the Women in Leadership program. It actively promotes the development of female leaders in Schindler. During the program, participants work with their line managers and an executive coach to build and fulfill their individual development goals. This is just one of the ways Schindler is increasing gender diversity within the Group.


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