Suspended above the abyss


CityLife has breathed new life into Milan. Located not far from the heart of the city, it represents the ‘green lungs’ of Milan.


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Installation chief Fabio Porta oversaw the installation of all the Schindler elevators in CityLife and he is justifiably proud that this demanding project has been successfully completed. He explains: “It is the biggest construction site I’ve ever worked on – with the tightest schedule.”

Fabio Porta - Installation chief at CityLife Milan

Without scaffolding

Despite his 18 years at Schindler, one aspect of the project was new for Fabio Porta: CityLife is one of the first projects in Italy to be carried out without scaffolding.

The installation engineers first had to fit the suspension devices and wall claddings in the building shell. Using electric winches, they lifted the components into place one by one in order to fit the guide rails for the elevators.

The cabin was then installed and connected to the counterweight. Next, the specialists connect-ed the electrical cables and mounted the doors.

It’s all about the details

What goes through Fabio’s head when he travels in an elevator? “I can’t stop myself from exam-ining all the details. How does the display look? Which colors were chosen? We work a lot with colors, as it creates a sense of warmth. A good design can help reduce a sense of claustro-phobia.”