Schindler elevates traffic planning industry standard


Schindler's planning method for selecting elevators in buildings is a key contribution to a new global standard.

Schindler sets traffic planning industry standard

ISO Standards are internationally developed by experts and agreed by national standards organizations. Think of a standard as a set of rules that describe the best way of doing something.

Schindler played a decisive role within ISO in setting the first modern global standard for the planning and selecting of elevators in buildings that has been approved by many national standards organizations. Schindler’s simulation-based methodology and corresponding design criteria are recognized by the global norm ISO 8100-32:2020 and this standard will be adopted by the elevator industry. 

The new standard gives guidance to correctly assess the transportation requirements in a building and, using the most appropriate method, to select an appropriate elevator installation.

Schindler’s leading role in reliable traffic planning

"This ISO norm underlines Schindler’s leading role in reliable traffic planning. As a trusted partner in the building industry, we are proud to be a front runner enabling a common planning base that will simplify building traffic planning and benefit planners and architects with more security when planning elevator installations," said Lukas Finschi, Schindler’s Head Building Traffic Management.

The standard gives guidance to select the most appropriate method of traffic planning and selection. For more information:

ISO welcomes the new global standard

"We welcome this new global standard as it provides a common planning base that will help architects and planners when designing and planning elevators in a wide range of buildings, giving them more security in planning elevator installations. This standard shows also the outcome of the consensus principle within ISO where within a global effort 28 countries participated to ISO technical committee ISO/TC 178 and all their feedback have been integrated during the standard developing process", said Gero Gschwendtner, Chair of ISO/TC 178, Lifts, escalators and moving walks.

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