Schindler apprentices travel to China


Schindler Vocational Training Program enables three Swiss apprentices to complete an internship in China, strengthening the program’s global reach.

Three apprentices from the Schindler Switzerland Vocational Training program will travel to China to broaden their experience and gain exposure to a different culture. The internship is organized in cooperation with Integrate Chinese Life – an organization dedicated to internships and study programs in China.

The interns selected for the internship include: Plant and Equipment Manufacturer – Simon Käppeli; Electronics Engineer – Janick Lang; and Designer – Ralph Harmath. They will work in China from July to August 2018.

Schindler apprentices travel to China
Simon Käppeli (left), Ralph Harmath (top right), Janick Lang (down right)

Win-win situation

Both countries benefit from the skills exchange. China is experiencing exceptional growth and the young professionals from Switzerland will provide required practical knowledge and experience. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to work on their interpersonal skills and experience what it is like to work in another culture.

Strong markets such as China depend on good specialists. For this reason, Switzerland’s dual education system has attracted worldwide interest. As a leading training center, Schindler Switzerland’s Vocational Training program values experience exchange, networking and global cooperation.

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