Robotic Installation System for Elevators

As a technology leader in innovative urban solutions for tomorrow’s smart cities, Schindler’s Robotic Installation System for Elevators couples artificial intelligence with elevator technology to enable the safe and precise installation of elevators, paving the way for greater automation and digitalization in the elevator industry.

The Robotic Installation System for Elevators

Robotic systems are becoming increasingly important for ways of automating many of the construction industry’s repetitive and physically demanding tasks.

With its autonomous and self-climbing robot, the Robotic Installation System for Elevators travels up the elevator shaft to accurately measure and drill holes with greater precision in concrete walls and sets anchor bolts for installing guide rails for elevators. Customer benefits include increased accuracy, better quality installations and greater work safety and conditions.

Digitization extends the capabilities of the Robotic Installation System for Elevators by improving its ability to record actions performed by the robotic system and to automatically exchange data with digital models of buildings. The innovative technology was recently shortlisted for the Innovation Award 2019 from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats.

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