Innovation and Technology at Schindler


The world’s urban population is set to increase by around one billion by 2030 - Investing in the future becomes more important than ever.

There will be big challenges in making sure that we all have a better quality of urban life, so we’re working hard to anticipate the unique needs of all of us living in our fast-growing cities.

We aim to help people lead a safe, pleasant, and comfortable life in our constantly expanding cities and believe that our technical innovations will play a big role:

  • The ‘Digital Twin’ and Building Information Models (BIM) in the design, engineering, and production phases
  • Our Robotic Installation System for Elevators in the installation and construction process
  • The PORT Technology
  • Maintenance, safety, design, and engineering with ‘Schindler Ahead’

As a global company, we can develop new technologies simultaneously in multiple R&D centers around the world. The way we think and act at Schindler is interconnected. All data and information are shared and are accessible to all of our centers of expertise, at all times.

We make sure that our colleagues have state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips and that they are invited to contribute their own ideas. This offers an exciting platform for talented professionals from around the globe, which is essential to deal with the challenges of the ever-growing urban population.

Stay tuned for more on our innovations and new technologies.

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