How would you reduce emissions 25% by 2022?


We asked some young, smart minds to figure it out.

You may have seen our colleagues around the world out on the streets travelling from one service call to another. In some countries they cover vast territories. In others, they may stay within a few city blocks.

The majority have some sort of car or van to carry them, their tools and spare parts around. That is a lot of vehicles, and accounts for the majority of our direct environmental impact. And it’s a challenge we can do something about.  

Challenge for Schindler Career Development Program participants

A group of young professionals at Schindler, participants in our Schindler Career Development Program (SCDP) have been given the challenge:
find out how we can reduce the CO2 emissions from our Service Technicians’ transportation 25% by 2022.

That the SCDP participants are given a challenge is not unusual, it’s a core part of the management training program. Every year, 12 participants from around the world are divided into groups that have six months to come up with a viable answer to their particular challenge that relates to our global strategic priorities. This solution is then presented to the Schindler Group Executive Committee.

What is unusual is that for the first time, all the teams will be working on the same challenge. This is a clear statement that environmental sustainability is a priority at Schindler.

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