Fastest alpine elevator in Europe


The Hammetschwand elevator on the Bürgenstock was inaugurated in 1905! It is the second oldest outdoor elevator in Europe and represents a pioneering achievement for Schindler.

Fastest alpine elevator in Europe

Many well-known people from all over the world have used the amazing elevator to get to the top of Bürgenstock. The platform high above the Bürgenstock is often described as the most beautiful viewpoint in Lucerne. When it was refurbished in 1991/92, the "elevator on the mountain" became the fastest outdoor lift in Europe - whoever maintains it must be 100% free of dizziness!​

Not just a regular elevator

Since its refurbishment in the early 90s, passengers have been able to enjoy the alpine elevator at the ​​Hammetschwand in a three-sided glazed panoramic cabin, which is powered by a gearless direct drive and speeds up to 3.15 meters per second. At the time of assembly this was the fastest eleavtor in Europe - and it is still at the top of the "Champions League" for outdoor elevators!

The Hammetschwand elevator on the Bürgenstock

A withness of pioneering and heroism

Given the fascinating panorama of the Alp Hammetschwand, the hotel pioneer Franz Josef Bucher decided to build a hotel on top in 1903 ​for 500,000 francs – a significant amount at that time - with a promenade on the shady north flank and comfortable access for hotel guests.

The “Felsenweg”, one of the most beautiful mountain routes in Europe, was the work of miners from Austria. Hanging on ropes, the brave men used dynamite to blast the elevator shaft and engine room out of rock. The valley station was built 961 meters above sea level & around 500 meters above the level of lake Lucerne (travel height of the elevator: 152 meters). The journey in the first lift to the mountain station on 1114 meters lasted about three minutes. Nowadays it takes less than a minute.

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