CTBUH: Thomas Oetterli on future robotic construction


CEO Thomas Oetterli talks about his views on the near-term future for robotic construction of tall buildings in the latest edition of the CTBUH Journal.

Schindler CEO Thomas Oetterli

The CTBUH Journal, which is the quarterly publication of The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) - an international body in the field of tall buildings and sustainable urban design - aims to publicize groundbreaking work taking place in tall buildings and urban development.

Our CEO, Thomas Oetterli, outlines his views in the journal’s section: Ask a CTBUH Expert


Extract from Thomas Oetterli's "Ask a CTBUH Expert":

For decades, robotics has been in widespread use in the automotive and food manufacturing industries. The construction industry is still one of the least automated industries, because tasks in construction are often highly complex. Yet as labor shortages increase and technology and digitization advances, the construction industry is turning increasingly to robotics to improve efficiency and quality in many of its repetitive but demanding tasks.

Schindler pioneers robotic elevator installation

One such challenge is installing an elevator: it's a repetitive and physically demanding task that nonetheless requires great accuracy, and so is a good starting point for robotics. Our recently premiered Robotic Installation System for Elevators couples artificial intelligence with elevator technology to make human work safer, more efficient, and more accurate by automating the preparation of the work site to install elevator guiderails. [...]

Digitization of the construction industry

Digitization is also progressing the tall building industry, with innovations such as building information modeling (BIM). Robots can directly obtain digital data from BIM models to complete a job, avoiding the manual and error-prone transfer of data to construction workers. [...]


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