A strong team is the recipe for success


Putting together the best team for the job is essential for projects like the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco.

Tremon Adams - High-Rise Adjuster

Four months into the project, Tremon Adams joined the team in the Salesforce Tower as a High-Rise Adjuster. ‘I’m mainly responsible for ensuring that the elevators are installed correctly and comply with Schindler’s strict safety regulations and quality standards.’

Adams is an early bird, starting work at 6.00 a.m. ‘The project was very challenging. It forced me to adapt and learn new things. But if it had been easy, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much.’

Safety first

Safety is always Schindler’s first priority. With specialists from across the whole of the US com-ing to San Francisco – each one bringing his or her own experience but all having to adapt to the local way of working on such a unique construction site – this was no simple task.

‘At the start, it was anything but easy, but we knew that we would get there by all learning from each other.’

24 kilometres of steel rails installed

Working in pitch black conditions in the elevator shafts, the engineers had to lift over 24 kilome-tres of steel rails that guide the elevators into place. In some cases raising them to a height of over 300 meters. They used rope winches, similar to those used on ships, and slowly pulled the steel components upwards.

It was vital for the engineers to maintain constant radio contact, says Adams. Apart from a few cuts and scratches, there were no injuries. ‘I’ve never worked with such a strong team. The suc-cess of the project is all down to that.’

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