A lift for the Louvre


In Paris' historic monument, the Louvre Museum, Schindler regularly modernizes the unique, circular elevator that was designed, built and installed in the late 1980s below the iconic Louvre pyramid.


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Faithful to the elevator's original futuristic design

Designed to help people with reduced mobility access the world's largest art museum, the open-topped elevator takes visitors from the entrance hall using hydraulic power and features a slide-out walkway on which guests board or disembark that appears once the circular platform comes to a rest.

The elevator at the heart of the winding staircase is an artwork itself and carries up to 10 passengers to the top floor while offering a view of one of the world’s most popular museum lobby.

Schindler's modernizations remain faithful to the lift's original futuristic design which, without a typical elevator shaft or rope, have called for unique solutions.

Modernizing lifts and escalators in Europe's landmark buildings is challenging, but the rewards are monumental. With Europe's elevator and escalators growing older by the day and building owners eager to reduce energy consumption and meet increased safety regulations, modernizations of old elevators and escalators are on the rise. Many of these vertical transportation systems serve Europe's diverse landmarks.

> This is the first part of a series about modernization in historical buildings around Europe.